Weigh in & Finnley Friday


Yes, yes, late again I know but at least not as late as it was last week. Fridays can be hard for me with having to go into the clinic in the morning to weigh in, working all day, getting some exercise for Finn, and making it to the barn. Not a big loss this week but considering I was up 6lbs on Monday morning after the Super Bowl I can’t be too mad since it was an overall loss. Can I bitch for just one sec about my stupid body though??? I mean, I get that I have not had salt and it was probably the salt that jumped up my weight but ONE meal causes me to go up SIX POUNDS?!?!?!?! What the literal F@%K?!?! I honestly, did not even eat that bad compared to everyone else or compared to what I wanted to eat. Lol. I had 2 chicken wings, a 1/4 cup of the buffalo chicken dip, veggies, but the kicker was the cup and a half of the BEST mac and cheese I have ever had in my life!!!! For reals, the BEST!!

Week: -1.4

Total: 24.6lb

Weigh in & Finnley Friday

Alright, last week I didn’t lose anything but I was horribly sick and on steroids so I was trying to stay positive. That positivity paid off and I am down big this week! They also took my measurements so I am posting the updates on those too.

Week: -6.6lb     Total: -23.2lb

Neck: 0 (Not complaining overall but I would like to see this number go down so my show shirts don’t feel like they are choking me! Or maybe they just feel that way from nerves. Lol)

Chest: -2.5″ (I have plenty of boob to spare but why can’t my waist go down as quickly as my chest???)

Waist: -1.5″

Hips: -3″

Not too shabby for a month! I have tried so many things and I can’t tell you why the Medical Weight Loss Clinic is working for me but clearly, so far it is. Sure I do get hungry every now and then but I have never felt starving and sometimes I have to eat more than I feel like I need to in order to get the nutrients I am supposed to have each day. It is uber expensive but for someone who has struggled with her weight her entire life, I am willing to spend it on something that works. If anyone out there is interested and have more questions about the program I would be happy to answer them.

Before I get to the most handsomest puppy weekly update, I have one more thing on weight loss. I believe that rewarding yourself is important and I decided a while ago my reward for losing 30lbs would be a new custom Ogilvy pad. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, I will be at -30lbs and I need your help picking some colors! Ok, I just made a bunch of options but I am still in love with my first pick. What are you favorite colors?


On to the cuteness!!

Weigh in & Finnley Friday

Ok, ok I know that it is actually Monday but I just have not logged on this weekend. I have been fighting a bad case of bronchitis and losing. Lol. My only energy has been used to go to the barn cause priorities yo.

Well, this week did not go so well for my weight loss. I did stay on plan but I lost nothing, nada, not a thing! Of course, I am not happy about it but I also am trying to not get mad. As I said I have been crazy sick and have been on drugs including steroids. With my autoimmune disease, any stress to my body and it clings on to fat like a dryer sheet to your underwear.

Finnley has been a bit stir crazy. I am starting to feel somewhat better but now we are looking at -36 wind chill so we will not be going out to play this week either. Poor guy! Also, poor me cause no riding this week!  Hand walking only at this temperature.

Weigh in & Finnley Friday

Another great weight loss this week. I know that it has to slow down but damn I am enjoying this pace! Lol. I am feeling better but I am wondering when I am going to start to see the change. Not for a while, I am guessing with my weight but in my lesson this week I was strong enough to stay up in the 2-point the entire time without wanting to sit my fat ass down. I will take that as a win!

Week: -5.8lb                                                                                                                                               Total: -16.6lb

(I was incorrect last week when I said I was down 5lb. I heard my doctor wrong. I was down 6 last week for a total of 10.8)

Weigh in & Finnley Friday

In the past, I have done Finnley Fridays and he just too cute so I have to continue that but I am also going to add a bit about my weight loss journey on Fridays. I know that this is a horse (and a bit of puppy) blog but for me, weight is part of my riding. Plus they say that being accountable helps keep you on track and what is more accountable than posting weekly for all of you to see. Every Friday along with cute Finnie pics I will also post my weight loss (and I am sure some gains) for the week and then my total. I started this journey on  12/31 so I have had 2 full weeks.

Weekly Change: -5lb

Total Change: -9.8lb

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day Finnley!!

So this was July 16th but apparently, I never hit publish. Oops!

I can’t believe that it has been 2 years since I drove 5 hours south to go pick up this handsome young man! He has certainly given me a few challenges (and still does!) but the joy he brings me has been immeasurable!