Weigh in & Finnley Friday


I was a little worried to step on the scale this morning. With the horse show last weekend I had a couple “bad” meals. I packed some food but you know how shows are, I ended up there a lot longer than I had planned. Saturday my dinner was pizza and then Sunday I had a walking taco cause hello, horse show staple! I worked really hard the rest of the time though and with the extra exercise from schooling two horses and running around for TS on Friday and then showing Saturday and Sunday must have really helped.

Week: -3lbs

Total: -38.4lbs

**I don’t know what happened last week because I know that I wrote up a Friday post but it was never actually posted. I lost 1.2lbs last week.

Weigh in & Finnley Friday


Another great week! I had my first real “have you lost weight” Wednesday night.  I say ‘real’ because it was from someone who did not know that I have been trying to lose.  I can’t wait to get my show clothes on and see if I can see a difference. Between the weight loss and some marginally nice weather, I am in such a fantastic mood! Oh yeah, and it is a FRIDAY!!!!

Week: -1.8lbs

Total: -34.2lbs

With my Mardi Gras trip, I did not do an official weigh in but unofficially I was up 1.5lbs so really this week I lost 3.3lbs!

And now your weekly dose of cuteness….

Weigh in & Finnley Friday

Ok, this isn’t a real weigh in this week. As you know I spent the last week in Mardi Gras which was a lot of fun and well…… interesting! This was my first time in New Orleans so I have nothing else to judge it by but the French Quarters is CRAZY!!!! Lots of boobs, lots of beads, lots of alcohol, and legit people just passed out on the street! I was concerned about this guy passed out on the sidewalk at 12:30 pm but there were cops right there so I figured they had it taken care of. I did see him verticle much later that night so I felt a bit better.  I am really sad that SnapChat did not save all of my pictures and videos. I had a hilarious video of me doing this shot chair thing that messed me up but that video is gone. I did notice lots of other people videoing so I am sure I am out on the internet somewhere. Lol

I may not have gone into the clinic for my weigh in but I did do an unofficial check on my home scale. I am thrilled that I am only up 1.5lbs!!!! I can’t tell you how exciting that is because I drank and I ATE!!!! Luckily, oysters and shrimp are pretty healthy proteins but they were not always cooked with healthy things. Lol

Alright, I am headed off to a lesson. Wish me luck cause Winifred did get 2 light rides in this week while I was gone but I was told that he was super strong! But first, you must get your weekly dose of cuteness from Finn. Oh, I did get some amazing kisses in the French Quarters from a Catahoula!!

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My mom found a catahoula down at Mardi Gras and is cheating on me!!!

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I am working on a project tomorrow that I can’t wait to share so stay tuned!

Weigh in & Finnley Friday


So busy today getting ready to leave for Mardi Gras tomorrow but still had to stop in for my weigh in.

Week: -1.6lbs

Total: -32lbs

Oh and I ordered my Ogilvy pad yesterday!

Weigh in & Finnley Friday

Guess what time it is?????? Saddle pad time! Well, maybe….. I made it to -30lbs but I am wondering if I should wait. I am headed to Mardi Gras in a couple of weeks and let’s be honest I am not going to follow my diet program while I am down there so I am going to gain. If I was farther from -30lbs it would be a big deal but I know my body and even a little bit of bad food or drinks and I skyrocket up. Should I wait until after Mardi Gras when I will be down 30 and stay down to get my saddle pad??? But I did decide on a navy pad with white piping and orange binding.

Week: -2.8lb

Total: -30.4lb

Weigh in & Finnley Friday


Hey look at me posting this on time!

Week: -3lbs

Total: -27.6lbs

Getting SO close to -30lbs which means new Ogilvy pad! I am really indecisive on my colors though! I see so many beautiful color combinations on horses at our barn but I am failing at picking my own. I really like navy and orange so I was thinking the grey pad with navy and orange piping and trim. I have seen the grey in person with the light blue and it is beautiful but I just don’t know if it will pop. Please help me!!!! What do you guys think? What are your favorite colors? I am open to any suggestions!


Here was my original thought.

Clearly I can't decide!! Remember this is going on Winifred.

Clearly, I can’t decide what I want! Remember this is going on Winifred. HELP!

Now on to cute puppy. I don’t know if you knew this but Catahoulas can climb trees. They use this skill to flush game out of trees. He isn’t using his nails to dig in like he should but here is Finnley’s first attempt and getting something out of a tree. I did realize after though that fostering this skill may not be a good idea since he has already been known to jump fences (and not the horse type).