Heels Down Happy Hour Audition

I told you all yesterday that I was working on a special project and I am really excited to share it with you! If you have not heard of the podcast Heels Down Happy Hour, you need to immediately go and download it right now! I mean it go right now and you can finish reading this post while the episodes download. It is this hilarious podcast that discusses current equestrian topics while the hosts share a cocktail (or two).

They had a recent podcast discussing anxiety in riding that someone had suggested that I listen to and from that episode I was hooked. I may even talk to my radio when they are on and I am pretty positive that my entire barn is so sick of hearing me talk about Jessica and Justine like they are totally my BFFs! I am still binging on past episodes and I swear every single one I have wished that I could add to their conversation. The thing I that love about this podcast is that it really is a conversation between friends.  You learn so much but you learn it through hilarious banter of friends so when I saw that they had open casting call for a co-host position there was not a single moment of hesitation that I wanted in! I have been riding my whole life, I am outgoing which has put me in some hilarious situations, and I am not afraid to embarrass myself! The application is to simply post a video of you telling your most embarrassing riding story. While I have SO many that I could tell the video below describes what has to be my worst one.

Fingers, toes, legs, everything crossed hoping that I can join the cast so that I won’t look so crazy just talking to my radio! #HDHappyHour


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