Weigh in & Finnley Friday

Alright, last week I didn’t lose anything but I was horribly sick and on steroids so I was trying to stay positive. That positivity paid off and I am down big this week! They also took my measurements so I am posting the updates on those too.

Week: -6.6lb     Total: -23.2lb

Neck: 0 (Not complaining overall but I would like to see this number go down so my show shirts don’t feel like they are choking me! Or maybe they just feel that way from nerves. Lol)

Chest: -2.5″ (I have plenty of boob to spare but why can’t my waist go down as quickly as my chest???)

Waist: -1.5″

Hips: -3″

Not too shabby for a month! I have tried so many things and I can’t tell you why the Medical Weight Loss Clinic is working for me but clearly, so far it is. Sure I do get hungry every now and then but I have never felt starving and sometimes I have to eat more than I feel like I need to in order to get the nutrients I am supposed to have each day. It is uber expensive but for someone who has struggled with her weight her entire life, I am willing to spend it on something that works. If anyone out there is interested and have more questions about the program I would be happy to answer them.

Before I get to the most handsomest puppy weekly update, I have one more thing on weight loss. I believe that rewarding yourself is important and I decided a while ago my reward for losing 30lbs would be a new custom Ogilvy pad. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, I will be at -30lbs and I need your help picking some colors! Ok, I just made a bunch of options but I am still in love with my first pick. What are you favorite colors?


On to the cuteness!!


Not too much to say here but wanted to let you all know that we are surviving this winter vortex. I am so SO fortunate that our barn is heated. Don’t get me wrong it still has been cold enough to freeze the water buckets but it could be so much worse. My barn manager, trainer, and all the barn workers have worked incredibly hard and I thank them so much!

I have been trying to help out the best I can too. I am fortunate to live so close to the barn and was able to work from home all week. This allowed me to stop in twice a day to give the boys fresh hot water and take them on aisle walks.

Luther and Zee have never actually met but acted like long lost best friends. 😂

Been trying to keep up on Luther’s wound but BO and I have decided that it is time to call the vet in. 😥 More to come on that later.