Weigh in & Finnley Friday


Yes, yes, late again I know but at least not as late as it was last week. Fridays can be hard for me with having to go into the clinic in the morning to weigh in, working all day, getting some exercise for Finn, and making it to the barn. Not a big loss this week but considering I was up 6lbs on Monday morning after the Super Bowl I can’t be too mad since it was an overall loss. Can I bitch for just one sec about my stupid body though??? I mean, I get that I have not had salt and it was probably the salt that jumped up my weight but ONE meal causes me to go up SIX POUNDS?!?!?!?! What the literal F@%K?!?! I honestly, did not even eat that bad compared to everyone else or compared to what I wanted to eat. Lol. I had 2 chicken wings, a 1/4 cup of the buffalo chicken dip, veggies, but the kicker was the cup and a half of the BEST mac and cheese I have ever had in my life!!!! For reals, the BEST!!

Week: -1.4

Total: 24.6lb

That was ok, but I’m ok with ok

Had my first jumping lesson in weeks last night. It has just been too cold the last couple of weeks. As you know, I have been fighting with a mental block on my jumping ability. Winifred has always tried to run at the fences but I used to be able to handle it. It took a few times of him running at the fences then slamming the breaks so that I jumped the jump and he stayed on the other side. The last time was September and I hurt my knee. Ever since then I have been paralyzed by fear which has completely removed my ability to adjust, see a spot, and believe in said spot. My nerves before my lesson were perked when I watched the lesson before mine struggle with the gymnastic TS put up. I like to watch this lesson because it has all of A show and big eq riders in it and I can learn from them. Last night though watching them struggle through the grid got my nerves up. The strides were big strides and all but two of them ended up having to add a stride.

On to our lesson….. Our flat was going well. It was obvious that Win was in a forward mood but in a good way. We did have a mini freak out though when the cat entered the ring as we were cantering past the door. (Ever since last year when that cat jumped out of the tree at us Winifred is petrified of cats. Lol). Not only have I been struggling with my jumping the other person jumping with me has a new lease horse that she has been struggling with a little so TS kept them LOW. For real three of our jumps were pony kid Xs, two were 2’3″ and the last was 2′. It is funny because the girl jumping with me is struggling with almost exactly the same thing as me. C is a good rider but is letting her nerves get the best of her when her horse gets a little strong with her. Does that ring a bell????? While we have the same struggles our horses prefer two completely different rides. I need to sit hard and keep constant contact with his mouth whereas her horse wants you off his back and a light rein.

I am very fortunate that K from Stampy and the Brain secretly filmed us. Our first line was pony X to pony X in a 6. You can’t see my first jump in the video but he jumped huge which meant I had to take a strong hold to make sure I got the 6 and not a 5. Then around to a verticle which felt like a total flyer. It doesn’t look as bad as it felt but I definitely popped him in the mouth but in my defense, he was trying to run away a bit. He was pretty pissed at me after that but eventually came down to a nice trot without having to circle before the gymnastic. (Those cute bay legs that you see is Maestro.) Remember when I said the riders in the lesson before had to add, well you can see from his head toss that he was pissed I didn’t let him drop a stride. (I will add that the lesson before was a canter in for a 2 stride and TS made our’s a trot in for a 3 but he was pretty sure he could show up the other horses and do a trot in for a 2.) Our last fence was a long approach to a small 2′. He really wanted to launch himself at it but I decided that he needed to listen to me and take another stride so I buried him into the fence. It worked out though. So, in the end, the course was ok, but right now I am ok with ok. Since show season is starting we need to start getting better than just ok. We actually have a schooling/rated show (mostly schooling classes but there will be rated medal classes) this weekend but I will be announcing instead of riding. I just don’t think we areย I am ready to jump around at 2’6″ and TS won’t let me compete in the cross rails division! Rude, right?!?! Here is last night’s ok course:

And a nostalgic video (quality is not great) of us at a show last August when I could ride my horse. You can’t hear the full conversation but someone must have said something about Mr. Pyscho Pants’s running cause you hear TD comment “better settle down, settle down, settle down, settle down this is a retired jumper”. Lol

Quick update on Luther is all good news. Still getting his meds, walking, and cleaning/wrapping his wound. Monday, when I took his previous bandage off it, was full of gross discharge, even more than the days before. Yesterday (Tuesday) though this bandage was clean and smell has gone down significantly. His bandage still reeked but I had to bring it to my face to smell it whereas before all I had to do was put my head down to his shoulder and the smell hit you in the face.

Looking MUCH better! No more oozing! (Now please stay that way!)
The only fun thing about wound care is picking out fun vet wrap. Lol

Stinky Microbes


I know, I know, a post yesterday and TWO blog posts in one day is a bit excessive but today is a good day!


As I said in Surviving, BO and I decided last night that it was time to call the vet for Luther’s wound. I have been working so hard to clean it out but the smell was still there and since Wednesday I was able to stick the syringe up into the wound and the solution went into his leg it was clear that it is a puncture wound and not a regular one like we first thought. A puncture wound directly on his joint that continued to smell bad had me worried. BO called the vet this morning he was able already out in our area.

The vet was also concerned for the same reasons I was and wanted to get some pictures. The x-rays showed that it clearly was a puncture wound. It was VERY close to his joint but the trajectory went just to the side of it. The funny thing is that he did have a couple of small scrapes closer to his hoof that I cleaned originally but didn’t think twice about, one of those was also a puncture wound and it did touch his bone.ย  But even that was not terrible. He was not sure why it smelled as bad as it does other than it is a particularly nasty microbe that infected the wound. He was completely on board with the regime we had started of daily cleaning, keeping it wrapped, SMZ twice a day, and bute nightly. The only changes that he made were to remove the bute since the swelling was gone and he was moving just fine and to do the SMZ for a full 30 days and not the 10 that we had planned. The increase in days was because extra stinky microbes usually mean they are extra nasty. He also wants him moving a lot so hand walking daily is now in the routine too.

I have to admit having the vet tell me that what I did so far was perfect treatment has me like:

I call him my Grumpy Old Man but after this ordeal that might need to change to my Stinky Old Man.

Call me anything you want as long as you bring me cookies.

Weigh in & Finnley Friday

Alright, last week I didn’t lose anything but I was horribly sick and on steroids so I was trying to stay positive. That positivity paid off and I am down big this week! They also took my measurements so I am posting the updates on those too.

Week: -6.6lbย  ย  ย Total: -23.2lb

Neck: 0 (Not complaining overall but I would like to see this number go down so my show shirts don’t feel like they are choking me! Or maybe they just feel that way from nerves. Lol)

Chest: -2.5″ (I have plenty of boob to spare but why can’t my waist go down as quickly as my chest???)

Waist: -1.5″

Hips: -3″

Not too shabby for a month! I have tried so many things and I can’t tell you why the Medical Weight Loss Clinic is working for me but clearly, so far it is. Sure I do get hungry every now and then but I have never felt starving and sometimes I have to eat more than I feel like I need to in order to get the nutrients I am supposed to have each day. It is uber expensive but for someone who has struggled with her weight her entire life, I am willing to spend it on something that works. If anyone out there is interested and have more questions about the program I would be happy to answer them.

Before I get to the most handsomest puppy weekly update, I have one more thing on weight loss. I believe that rewarding yourself is important and I decided a while ago my reward for losing 30lbs would be a new custom Ogilvy pad. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, I will be at -30lbs and I need your help picking some colors! Ok, I just made a bunch of options but I am still in love with my first pick. What are you favorite colors?


On to the cuteness!!


Not too much to say here but wanted to let you all know that we are surviving this winter vortex. I am so SO fortunate that our barn is heated. Don’t get me wrong it still has been cold enough to freeze the water buckets but it could be so much worse. My barn manager, trainer, and all the barn workers have worked incredibly hard and I thank them so much!

I have been trying to help out the best I can too. I am fortunate to live so close to the barn and was able to work from home all week. This allowed me to stop in twice a day to give the boys fresh hot water and take them on aisle walks.

Luther and Zee have never actually met but acted like long lost best friends. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Been trying to keep up on Luther’s wound but BO and I have decided that it is time to call the vet in. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ More to come on that later.