Weigh in & Finnley Friday

Guess what time it is?????? Saddle pad time! Well, maybe….. I made it to -30lbs but I am wondering if I should wait. I am headed to Mardi Gras in a couple of weeks and let’s be honest I am not going to follow my diet program while I am down there so I am going to gain. If I was farther from -30lbs it would be a big deal but I know my body and even a little bit of bad food or drinks and I skyrocket up. Should I wait until after Mardi Gras when I will be down 30 and stay down to get my saddle pad??? But I did decide on a navy pad with white piping and orange binding.

Week: -2.8lb

Total: -30.4lb

4 thoughts on “Weigh in & Finnley Friday

  1. woooo congrats!! that’s a huge accomplishment! obvi every lb is hard fought and a big win, but there’s something so *real* about hitting the 30lb mark, you must be thrilled!

    re: the saddle pad, honestly there’s probably no wrong choice in whether to go for it or wait. if you feel like it would be useful to still have that carrot on a stick to keep your eyes on the prize thru mardi gras, maybe just wait. or if you feel like you really need a little oomph and reaffirmation to keep you feeling good, then order now. the color scheme sounds great either way!


    1. Thanks! They definitely were fought for! I am just getting a bit nervous now that it is going to stop. I have tried so many diets and food “lifestyles” without any success that I am waiting for the shoe to drop. It has already started. I went to a fundraiser this weekend and I was as good as I could be but I am still up 2lbs from that so already no longer 30 down. I think I am going to wait until I feel like I am solid at -30. Plus like you said, it is that carrot for me to do the best I can at Mardi Gras!


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