Weigh in & Finnley Friday

Ok, ok I know that it is actually Monday but I just have not logged on this weekend. I have been fighting a bad case of bronchitis and losing. Lol. My only energy has been used to go to the barn cause priorities yo.

Well, this week did not go so well for my weight loss. I did stay on plan but I lost nothing, nada, not a thing! Of course, I am not happy about it but I also am trying to not get mad. As I said I have been crazy sick and have been on drugs including steroids. With my autoimmune disease, any stress to my body and it clings on to fat like a dryer sheet to your underwear.

Finnley has been a bit stir crazy. I am starting to feel somewhat better but now we are looking at -36 wind chill so we will not be going out to play this week either. Poor guy! Also, poor me cause no riding this week!  Hand walking only at this temperature.

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