Shenanigans, Maintenance, and a little Jumping update

Are you a good news or bad news first kind of a person? Actually, no “real” bad news but let’s start with a laugh today anyhow. 20180823_1111526905890497022580135.jpg

So, of course, I had to walk my happy ass out into his paddock to find them. Two of which were in nice solid grassy areas but the third was dead smack in the middle of a mud pit! At one point I actually lost my shoe and had to reach in to find it!


Luckily, I did find them though. How does he do these things???

The not so great has been my jumping. I am still on the struggle bus and mess up at least one jump a lesson. And I don’t mean “oh that spot could have been smoother” mess up I mean we just crashed that fence mess up! This past lesson it was only one though. We were doing a figure 8 pattern and stumbled over the jump headed home cause he got quick, I thought he was taking off so I tipped a bit, he said no, but we somehow still ended on the other side of the fence. TS yelled at me not to stop so I immediately picked up my canter and continued doing 2 more figure 8s. He was, of course, wanting to run even more at them now but we handled our shit. TS proclaimed that new strategy is when something goes wrong DO NOT STOP because when I stop I think and when I think I crash.

Even though he was a turd and wanted to run after that, because I didn’t stop and over analyze like I do we didn’t flub the rest of the jumps. We then moved on to our actual course which had a skinny end fence. We jumped that first so he could see it before being on course. It was like the skies opened and angels sang down. He approached it with a great consistently paced canter, the spot was perfection, and his jump was beautifully rounded. WHY CAN’T HE JUMP LIKE THAT EVERY TIME?!?!?!!?!  Our course was pretty simple. Outside line, single on the diagonal out of the turn so it wasn’t a long approach, the other outside line which was technically a broken line but really more of a curve, skinny on the end, long approach to another single oxer on the diagonal. The broken line was either a straight 5 stride or a shaped 6. TS and I decided to do the 6 so that he didn’t get too amped because the skinny was not long after the out. Winifred really wanted to do the 5 but I was able to sneak a last second short stride in. TS reminded me how when I sit back, pull, but also squeeze with my leg there is no question that he will jump. So many things to do at once though! Lol.

The last two jumps went well. He really liked the skinny and backed off of it nicely again. He wanted to run at the last oxer but as TS said I did my homework on the approach and it rode pretty smoothly. We did however almost die after! He landed very excited, not bad but at a pretty speedy pace. It had rained all day and the footing wasn’t the greatest so I didn’t want to pull on him too much or turn him too fast in that corner so we went to make our circle bigger than normal when a fellow lessoner just kept walking towards us. Don’t walk towards a freight train! We actually still would have been fine cause baby boy can turn fast and the ground was good there but when I asked him to turn he shot his head down and started to cough! We all ended fine and it was basically a swipe by of the other horse but it was a close one. Lol. Survive the course and die on the curtesy circle. LOL

TS and I had a little discussion on some maintenance for Winifred. While he doesn’t act it he is 18 and TS feels that if I am going to continue to jump bigger I need to get his hocks done next year. I need to keep baby boy happy and healthy so I need to put that in the budget for next spring.

Winifred says “I need maintenance cookies too!”

Luther has been basically chilling this summer. He has been a little off but I can’t quite pinpoint it. He is 22 and has a LOT of miles under him so he has earned his chill life. Poor guy though is under a little current maintenance for fungus. I swear it hit him overnight! I came out Monday and his hind right was pretty swollen and I could see the fungus from quite a distance. Since then I have been bathing him in some Dermavet, scraping the fungus, and wrapping him. He is still a little swollen but MUCH better than Monday.

Luther batgh
Luther is pretty happy with a groom and graze kind of life.

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