Camp Ponies

Our barn does camps throughout the summer and boys got in on the action! Ok, Winifred and Lucifer were not used as camp ponies (cause frankly I don’t want to kill any children!) but they did get a fun visit from my friends’ kids. I finally convinced my friends, N and J, to enroll their 3 kids and I, of course, had to come out to see them and introduce them to the boys.

This was my absolute favorite picture!! LOL!
Luher says, “If they don’t have cookies I don’t have time for them”

The camp was a 4-day camp where the kids get to ride every day, learn to groom, do fun crafts, and on the last day they participate in a horse show. For the 3 of them it was their first time riding and, wow, was I impressed by them! I missed their 1st day but I was there for their 2nd and I would not have guessed that it was their 2nd time in the saddle. I thought I might have been biased but even TS commented that she was impressed too!

E was only able to come for 2 days of the camp because he had basketball camp that overlapped so he missed the horse show. 😦 J and A did great though! J won best posting trot and A won best 2-point! The girls did SO good!

I am trying to convince N and J to get the girls in lessons! I am even enticing them with Margarita Mondays during the beginner lesson! I know that I don’t have any kids in the lesson but I love the parents (and that lesson has some of my favorite kiddos in it) so I go and hang out. Stef makes the BEST margaritas! Hey, don’t judge me! LOL


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