Haircuts, horse shoes, and hocks

I know that I haven’t written in a couple of weeks but non-horse life has been a little crazy. Life has been quite stressful but I like to keep this blog on the positive side of life so I don’t tend to post those things. When I get stressed this much I get severe headaches. By the time our lesson came along I had a headache for 2 days straight.

On one positive note, we had our first outside lesson!! Winifred was pretty good to start but once some deer came out he was pretty sure they were going to kill him and that there were more killer deer hiding all around the ring. He really was not that bad but having to work harder made my head pound more and more. The look on my face must have been noticeable cause trainer S (TS) asked if I was ok. I ended up not jumping much because every time we landed my head felt like it was going to explode! We just did the warm-up X and then one line. Between my head splitting and the fact that he was super calm on the line, I called it a day.

Mom, you brought cookies right?!

With big progress made on some work projects and great friends who helped me relax this weekend I am feeling much more like myself! It also helped to give Luther, the fluff ball, a haircut. That may sound like a weird thing to relax me but I have said it before, that horse is my rock and just being near him centers me.

I am working from home all week so I planned on plenty of pony rides! Winifred and I usually ride on Sunday and then he has Monday off but since I clipped Lou on Sunday I decided to change Winifred’s schedule and ride on Monday. Again, yay working from home! Came out Monday all ready to ride Winifred in the beautiful sunshine only to find that Win was missing a shoe 😦 Trainer D (TD) just shook her head and informed me that the farrier left maybe 20 minutes ago! He comes on Mondays and he is usually there when I get there but he came early this week so he finished early. He is not able to come out until next week so looks like Winifred has a week off.

***New contest: let’s see who can write my eulogy since next week I will lesson after he has had a week off. Lol.***

Still trying to remain positive and figured I would just plop around on Luther this week except that he get his hocks done. I thought it was next week but TS reminded me that the vet is coming out this week. So much for plenty of pony rides this week! Oh boys! Lol. Actually super happy that Lou is getting his hocks done this week. He has been pretty stiff lately and he is overdue. He will never go back to jumping courses but he deserves to be comfortable.

Stall rest after hock juice
Lots of grazing this week

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