So I was going through some of my pictures and I realized that there were a couple of things that I forgot to post!

The first is happy. I finally got the boys’ Christmas presents in. They both got stall name plates. I went simple because I really like the clean look of just the brass name plate not mounted on wood on our stalls.

I considered putting Lucifer on the second line but I was nice and put Luther. Lol


Then on January 24th Winn had to get stitches. It happened outside and I am thinking it was a wicked game of halter tag. I was not there when the vet was but I got a text from the BO that “your boy was horrible!” When I did get to the barn I was stopped by multiple people and told what an a$$ he was. The vet had to tranquilize him so much that the tranq cost more than the stitches! Winn says hey man it was in a scary place! God love him!


Winn: “Mahm that was SO traumatic!”
Extra kisses to make it all better
Forget extra kisses. I take extra cookies!

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