2018 Horse Show Season Opener

Well we completed our first show and we did not die! YAY!!! We may not have placed great and I may have almost fallen off (we will get to that) but overall I am SUPER HAPPY with how the show went!!

This was not a typical show in that it was only a one day show with mostly schooling classes but also a few rated classes too. Because it was smaller the adults and juniors were combined, at least for my division they were. There are a lot of things I do better as an adult but riding is not one of them. Lol. Let’s face it the skinny little 16 year old looks a lot better on a horse than big-o-fatty me but hey what the hell we were here for the experience.

Normally I would enter all the hunter and equitation classes but since this was a one day show I decided to only do eq. I didn’t want to over burden my boy. If you have read my previous blog posts you will know that Winifred is a high-strung, ex-jumper who is known to spook so I was pretty nervous.

We schooled on Saturday afternoon and the ring was CHAAAAAOOOOOS! There were people going in every which way and some had to get yelled since they were in the way of people jumping down a line and one horse had a major meltdown right in front of us. How did Winifred handle all of this???????? Like a complete pro!! Seriously folks he was calmer in the middle of that than he has been in our lessons this past month! What a champ! Our crew did little canter fence to start that I biffed solely because Winn was being lazy and I did not know how to jump a lazy Winifred. He woke up a bit but just enough to do the adds quietly. I wanted to be one of the first to do our course so we could get out of there. He went around super quiet without me having to pull much at all and I immediately jumped off before the metaphorical shoe dropped and he changed back to his normal self. Lol

For the show we did the 2’6” warm up, eq O/F, Intermediate Adult Medal, and the eq OTF. I still can’t believe it but I had schooling day Winifred again! During our schooling time there was around 20 horses in the ring and with jumps up it made it even tighter, the club house was packed and even had a young girl swinging her legs right at the window but Winn was on point!

Trainer and I decided to do the adds the whole day because the indoor is so small there would not be a lot of room in the turns to calm him down if he got too lit up. He was phenomenal. The only line in the warm up that I had to pull him was the diagonal coming home but we fit the add. The last jump was a long approach to a single and Lord help me but I still have been having spot issues and could not make a decision. I dropped my hands, leaned forward and we chipped a little. Could not have been that bad though cause the warm up was an open card for every one so I was being judged on eq against a lot more than those in my division and we took 6th out of 17. That is not bad for my first class in 2 and a half years!

We stayed in for our eq O/F class. Sadly, it was really just a hunter course though. Again we had to jump the long approach single but this time I nailed my spot. The last line was the diagonal home. It was set to be a 4 stride but since we were doing the add I needed to do 5 strides. I was asking for the 5 but Winn said NOPE I do a 4 now! We placed 6th out of 10.

Our medal class had an interesting turn to a skinny that I was concerned about but we totally nailed it! After the skinny was a roll back to an oxer and that rode great too then to the damn single vertical again! Why can’t I see a spot?????? This one ended with me almost going over his neck. Thank God he was a saint and did everything he could to safe me and safe me he did! I was so excited that while I was still on his neck I was shouting, “I didn’t fall off! I didn’t fall off!” I started to walk to my trainer until she yelled at me to finish my course. I was seriously so excited that I didn’t fall off that I forgot to finish! I am so pissed at myself for again dropping my hands and leaning in because every other jump was perfection in that course!!! A friend who watched all the rides said that I was likely 1st had I not did that. Another friend asked why I insist on trying to kill myself and called me the Embarrassment of the Barn for the day. I swear we really do like each other! Lol. There were only 3 in the class and we got 3rd.

Ending the day we had an eq on the flat. This had 8 riders which with the jumps made it a little tight. Winn was being a perfect gentlemen but we had to make a tight turn at the canter in a deep spot which caused him to trip and break right in front of the judge. I can’t be mad at him it was a complete fluke. We still placed 6th.

While I have had better placings at shows I am absolutely thrilled with how our 1st show went!! We ribboned in all of our classes and my confidence with Winifred has grown so much! Now I just need to get my eye back but I think that the trust I have him my boy now will help get that back in focus.

**Thank you Kristen from Stampy and the Brain for videoing my almost fall and to SK for videoing my other rounds!


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