Not so lazy Luther

I know that most of my blogs are about Winifred because he is my show pony but Luther has been incredible lately. I broke my winter of bareback and saddled him up a couple of weeks ago. He was doing great bareback but really I only started that because this winter was ungodly cold. He didn’t need to work too much in those frigid temperatures. While it is still cold here there were a couple of days where it “warmed up” so I saddled up and Hello FancyPants Luther!

Why yes, I am a handsome beast!

Apparently his months of bareback was the time that he needed cause my old man feels great! He is never going to completely move out at the trot anymore but he has really been stepping up. I have even had to whoa him a lot at the canter. He is so much fun to ride when he is like this. Sure he threw in a couple bucks but none of them were his nasty bucks so I can’t be mad.

Give me that whip mom, you don’t need that.

I have been wanting to take him over a few fences but I haven’t been lessoning on him and in our barn you cannot jump without trainer supervision (safety rule). On Tuesday  his owner came out and rode him during my lesson. I knew that he had been feeling good but it was so much fun to watch him go around. His owner even jumped! SQUEE!!!! He looked AMAZING!!! My old man even did lead changes even from his good lead to his bad lead!!! It was only back and forth across an X but man was I proud of him! Crazy how proud I am of a horse that isn’t mine watching someone else ride him. Lol

So at the beginning of this I said that Win was my show pony but mark my words I will be taking Luther in a flat class this summer. Not sure which Luther I will get but which ever it is we are going to have some fun!

Horse AND puppy! I can’t stand the cuteness!

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