Pasture Bullies

There was a small part of me that was hoping that today’s post could be a lesson recap but sadly that is not going to happen.

There is a lot of talk about cyber bullying but today I need to discuss my anger against pasture bullying! The reason that I could not give a lesson recap today is due to one of Tango’s jerk face pasture mates. T goes out with 3 other geldings and 2 of them are pretty good together. The only real damage they do is halter tag and pulls off T’s fly mask. Aren’t they so cute?!?!

The 3 Amigos! (Left to right: BlackJack, Diesel, and Tango)
The 3 Amigos! (Left to right: BlackJack, Diesel, and Tango)

They do have 1 bully in their group who on June 15th kicked T square in the left hip! How rude?!!? Not only did he kick him but Jerk face’s shoe caught T and sliced him pretty good. I cleaned and poultice the kick spot and dressed his bite mark and he seemed pretty happy with that until the next day. It swelled up pretty good and he was obviously sore but then again who wouldn’t be?? T got most of the week off and I very lightly hacked him on Saturday and another girl hacked him on Sunday. By Monday (6/22) he seemed a better and we lessoned. He was actually really frisky over the fences! He has a pretty short stride so most of the time we add a stride to a line. Well he decided to drop strides which really since we normally add it was dropping 2 strides for him! Tuesday we hacked and he was good. We practiced our lead changes and he was so fluid with them that I was shocked by the text I got on Wednesday saying he was lame. Since the barn was on my way home (I live 2 houses from my barn. It is awesome!) I decided to stop and see him. Sure enough she was right. I had never seen anything like it but he was crossing his hind legs under himself when he trotted. I contacted his owner and it was decided to poultice and wrap his legs for a few days and see where we ended up.

He was light flatted on Saturday and Sunday and he was still stiff. The way he was tracking I felt like his left hip was dropping. I got on in front of my trainer S last night and she agreed that he was still too off and we needed to try a new course of treatment. Timing wise it worked out that the vet is already coming out on Monday for chiropractic care and acupuncture. I contacted T’s owner and she was on board with allowing me to get him adjusted. I am hoping this issue is “just” a hip out of alignment.

We will be doing lots of grazing until Monday!
We will be doing lots of grazing until Monday!

We have a home show in 18 days so please pray he is back to normal Tango before then! Do any of you do regular chiropractic care on your horses?

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