Let me introduce you to my step child Tango. I started leasing him September of 2014. My reason to lease has both to do with financial reasons and the fact that since I am getting back to riding and doing a new discipline I am changing my skill level and therefore my needs in a horse are changing.

The 2014 season I was in Adult Beginners on a beefcake named Ace. Ace was the exact right horse for me last year and saved me over fences more than he should have but he was limited in his athletic ability so I needed to move on. We have some great horses at our barn but we do not have many for lease and in fact when I was looking there were only 2. One was a massively thick warmblood mare and the other was my main squeeze Tango. Looking at me and looking at the 2 horses the mare would have been a better picture. She is about 2 times the width and length of Tango but there were a few reasons why Tango turned out to be the better choice. For starters after a year of squeezing the crap out of Ace to move it was nice to be on a more forward horse (there are times I regret this though). So here I am a tall fat plus sized rider who is on a petite 16.1 hand bay with a star OTTB.


Tango has his quirks. He is 20 years old and is set in his ways about some things. He has done a lot in his 20 years and up until I think 2 years ago was a jumper who now is trying to be a hunter. With my dressage background I am used to bending, bending, getting on the bit, and more bending. These are things that Tango just does not want to do. Actually, let me modify that. He does bend but the only bend he knows is the counter bend. Seriously I know his body can go left and right but for some reason not when going in the same direction! The first non-lesson ride I had with him last September annoyed the crap out of him because all I did was serpentines. We only lasted about 20 minutes before he blew up out of frustration. Since then I had to change my approach with him.


As I said T is 20 years old and there are days that his body revels that age. I noticed recently that he was dealing with stiffness more and more so I started him on a monthly injectable (after getting permission from his owner of course). He just got his last loading dose last night but I really feel like it is helping. He deserves the best and I just love spoiling him!

Spoiled boy in his new dress cooler
Spoiled boy in his new dress cooler

Currently we are competing in the Adult Primary division in the MHJA. This is a 2’3” height so nothing huge but progressing up. I recently jumped my first roll top. It was an exciting night for me! Lol. My trainer suggested that we move up to Novice which his 2’6” -2’9” but I am a one step at a time kind of girl. Luckily I have an amazing trainer that lets me jump up in some lessons so I will be ready for the 2’6” -2’9” next year. It is amazing how 3” can seem like a 2 feet!

Super excited to get my first championship as a Hunter!
Super excited to get my first championship as a Hunter!

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